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Don't worry, this handy new table of FredSongs© will help you quickly find the song that meets your current emotional needs!

Song Title Recording Quality Singing Quality Sign Year Too-Short Summary Just Fred?
So Surprised Studio Surprisingly good Capricorn 1999 This one's for the ladies... TM
Do It For Me Studio Basically just angry shouting Sagittarius 1999 Two reasonable people in a cheap hotel ET
One Awkward Moment 8 I've taken singing lessons, honestly! Libra 1993 My Trans-Atlantic Hail Mary Yes
I've Fallen In Love with Another Lesbian At least it's in stereo ...they just haven't really helped Tarantula 1990 A thoughtful exploration of human sexuality ME
Pondfire 4 But I keep trying my best Moo Cow 2006 Hello/Goodbye Yes
Kiss Me Amy 8 Best Yet Barking Dog 2001 Massive hit if only recorded 24 years earlier Yes
Swatter 8 Try to think of these songs as placeholders... Ibuprofen 2001 Pop Gold!
(I'll never understand why this one didn't chart...)
Paper Bag 7 ...for when I learn to sing... Scorpius 1995 My stadium
sing-along song!
Ache 7 ...or find the right singer Serpico 1996 You know my "blog" is a parody, right? Yes
Mirror Studio Like Tom here, for example You want a toe? I can get you a toe, believe me. 1995 Bombpop firing on all cylinders! TEM
RandomNonSpecific 6 I believe I was born tone-deaf... There are ways, Dude. You don't wanna know about it, believe me. 2003 I can drum as well as I sing! Yes
I'm Not Sweet 3 really, that I can do any of this is a miracle I'll get you a toe by this afternoon - with nail polish. 1984 Discovered in a paleolithic cave in 1924 Yes
ShatnerJet I had a deadline Thanks for your patience and understanding Toupée 2006 Because Mr. Tamborine Man is Not Enough Yes

E is for Eric Bowers (guitar, bass, Thurgood Marshall lover on "Lesbian")
M is for Maynard Sipe (guitar, bass, drumming perfection on "Lesbian")
T is for Tom Vest (my favorite drummer in the world, lead vocal on "Mirror")

All songs ©1984-2011 Fred Hamilton